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HMRC Self Assessment Email Scam

We have been made aware of another Self Assessment scam that is targeting tax payers via email.

This particular scam will send you an email to 'indicate that your Self Assessment Online profile is not up to date' and that 'your HMRC account profile security is about to expire'.

It will then ask you to follow a link to update your profile to ensure that it remains active.

DO NOT click on any links in this email. The website is not a legit HMRC website and is a scam. HMRC have confirmed that this email is not genuine HMRC communication.

Advice from HMRC

We strongly advise that you do not respond to the malicious communication, follow any links it offers, or open any attachments the email may offer.

If you have clicked on any links, or opened any attachments, we recommend you run your antivirus software as a matter of urgency and update any relevant passwords.

If you have disclosed any personal details to this scam, please forward a report to us at

If you have disclosed any bank or card details, please contact your bank or card issuer immediately.

We recommend the National Cyber Security Centre’s 6 Top Tips to be Cyber Aware:

1. Create a separate password for your email

2. Create a strong password using three random words

3. Save your passwords in your browser

4. Turn on two-factor authentication

5. Update your devices

How to check if the suspected scam is genuine If you are in any doubt whether the email, phone call or text is genuine, you can check the ‘HMRC scams’ advice on GOV.UK. How to report scams to HMRC You can report suspicious phone calls using a form on GOV.UK. You can also forward suspicious emails claiming to be from HMRC to and texts to 60599.

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