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Important changes at The Business Store

The last 18 months has had an impact on many clients, sadly some of whom have lost their businesses. The loss of these businesses has meant that we have needed to scale back staff.

The covid situation has had an overall effect with an increase to everybody’s overheads. We have needed to invest in additional IT systems and software and cover the expense of these while also maintaining the costs of an office, the cost of our existing software has also increased along with insurance, utilities etc.

We have always endeavoured to maintain fees at a reasonable level but, to continue in the same way as we do at present would mean doubling fees. We have reduced overheads wherever possible to offset increases and the last big overhead that we can reduce is the actual cost of the office. To this end going forward we will be working both remotely and from a much smaller office, with effect from 1 September. This will not affect our service, the phone number remains the same and meetings will continue either by zoom or in person.

We have not had a general increase to fees for some time and despite all our cost cutting measures we will still need to do this. Over the next few months we will be writing to each client in this regard.

As part of giving up the office we will need to change registered office addresses for those registered at The Business Store. As we will be required to pay for this service, we will need to pass this cost on.

For those clients wishing to drop off or post records the address from 1st September is:

Atlantic House

The Tye

East Hanningfield


CM3 8AA (open Mon-Fri, 9-4.30)

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