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Now the taxman cuts you off after forcing you to speak to an automated voice system for 10 minutes

Taxpayers are spending hours trying to speak to HM Revenue & Customs on the telephone, only to be cut off.

Readers have told Money Mail they have found it 'impossible' to speak to the taxman as the latest figures show the department is failing to hit its targets for answering calls.

Many reported being cut off after speaking to an automated voice system for more than ten minutes. The frustration comes as many receive penalty notices for late tax returns in the new financial year.

April also sees people flood HMRC with queries over new tax codes, allowances and changes to the system. 

Taxpayers dialling the 0300 number — which charges up to 10p a minute (landline) or up to 40p (mobile) — are being greeted with the message: 'We are very busy right now and you might have to wait longer to speak to an adviser.'

Callers then have to speak to an automated voice recording to categorise their call. This can take ten minutes before the caller is put on hold, or told to try later and cut off.


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