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What are the filing deadlines for my limited company?

When running a limited company, it is important to keep on top of your deadlines. Failing to meet specific deadlines for Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs could result in penalties, added interest and even closure of your company and its bank accounts.

Here are the filing deadlines you need to be aware of:

Company Accounts

Every limited company is required to file annual accounts with Companies House. These need to be filed electronically 9 months after a companies year end of 21 months from the date of incorporation if earlier.

Confirmation Statement

A confirmation statement / annual return has to be filed annually within 14 days of the anniversary of the incorporation date. If you have changed your confirmation date, this will need to be submitted within 14 days of your chosen date.

Corporation Tax

A corporation tax return will need to be filed with HMRC 12 months after a companies year end. Corporation Tax is payable 9 months and one day after the companies year end.

PAYE - Real Time Information (RTI) Returns

These returns need to be filed on or before the date that employees are paid to inform HMRC of the amounts applicable to your payroll.

VAT Returns

If your company is VAT registered then you will need to complete VAT returns. These need to be filed and paid within 1 month and 7 days after the quarter ended.

Self-Assessment Returns

The UK tax year runs from 6th April to the following 5th April. This needs to be filed and paid by 31st January, each year for the following years return. (e.g. Self-Assessment from 6th April 2018 - 5th April 2019 will be due by 31st January 2020)


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