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Todd Pipe

todd pipe

We really are a family business and the last member of our family is Todd. Todd is only a part time member of staff, he comes in to help with staff morale.


He is very popular on our social media pages, where you might have seen him make an appearance.

Todd's focus is on boosting staff positivity as well as gaining as much fuss from clients and staff as he can, but his main role in the office is sleeping.

Meet the team

mark pipe

Mark Pipe

Founder and Director

diana sinclair

Diana Sinclair

Client Relationship Manager

gill pipe

Gill Pipe

Co-Founder and Director

liam pipe

Liam Pipe

Digital Services Manager

emma pipe

Emma Pipe

Marketing Manager

kiera pipe

Kiera Pipe

Administration Junior

todd pipe

Todd Pipe

Staff Morale Booster

accounts juniors

Our Juniors

Team of junior support

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